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VetVentures Business
VetVentures Business
VetVentures Business

There are countless resources available for Veterans looking for jobs. You might think of Vet...
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VetVentures Business
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VetVentures was conceived in 2015 as an incubator for Veteran-owned and operated businesses. Initially, the concept was focused on redevelopment of idle or under-utilized manufacturing facilities using a Veteran management team and workforce.

To broaden the program's reach, our mission was refined to create new business opportunties for qualifying Veterans that draw upon a larger network of businesses, venture capital firms, and other strategic partners.

Our strategy entails the development of two related databases.  One consists of growth-oriented businesses owned and/or operated by private investors. We look for those companies that place a high value on human capital.

The other consists of Veterans identified as having specific skill sets or, alternatively, an general aptitude for specific business opportunities.   There are several tasks that follow.

Our Venture Partners look for positive and marketable relationships between a business and our Veteran applicants.

The Venture Partners solicit targeted companies for their interest and, subject to certain terms and agreement, enroll them into our program. 

Simultaneously, our Client Partners rcreate and evaluate our Veteran applicants, looking for matches to our participating companies. 

Our Venture Partners create a working business model, where the Business and Veteran Candidates are thoroughly vetted and selected. This model also includes pro-forma financials ("Prospectus"), details a funding mechanism and an exit strategy that transfers full operational and/or ownership control to the awared Veteran(s).

With a completed prospectus in hand, our Funding Partners next solicit investment in the project. Typically, start-up costs will be entirely or substaintially underwritten by VetVenture's Funding Partners.

VetVentures Business
VetVentures Business
VetVentures Business
VetVentures Business

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